Three Park Place

Three Park Place on Hatch St, Upper, Dublin 2, the next generation of modern development delivering 15,878 sq.m of high quality, energy efficient office space. Targeted standard for this building is designed to meet LEED Platinum.

The cooling plant within the builing consists of three twin circuit high efficiency chillers and dry air coolers for heat rejection. The chillers have high efficiency cooling features and operate during the day to meet the cooling load.

Crystal Air PCM were contracted to carry out works of supplying and installing our Thermal Energy Storage system to match the base cooling load. As specified, we provided a 1700kW/h of thermal storage contained in 8No insulated vertical one-piece cylindrical tanks filled with Phase Chage Material(PCM) solution for a scheme temperature of 6/12 Deg C. The system is charged up at night using low tariff rate electricity to meet the base cooling load of the building. The chillers operate during the day to offset the peak cooling loads, resulting in important cost and capacity benefits.

No of Spheres - 126,000

Sphere size - 75mm

Storing Temperature - 6deg

Charging Temperature - 9deg

Want to improve your buildings credentials? Consider a Thermal Energy Storage system using Phase Chase Materials