Innovation & Technology

Innovation & Technology Company of the year

What does this mean for our clients?

The emergence of our Thermal Energy Storage system, greatly improves our client offerings, by providing a virtually cost neutral solution to achieve substantial savings resulting in lower plant capital costs, operating and maintenance costs for plant operators and has also provided a steady platform for energy drawdown. This reduction in energy drawdown for energy generation also benefits utility providers in managing utility networks.

Benefits for our clients will only continue to grow, considering the rise in fuel costs and ongoing climate changes.

What does this mean for Crystal Air PCM?

Awarded and recognised for providing a more efficient and cost effective way to deliver energy to chill or heat air, only fuels the fire to continue challenging ourselves, exploring new ways and ideas from our members of staff, working as a team to drive an innovative environment.









Striving for an innovative environment, we made an application to Intertrade Ireland for their Challenge Program. Securing our place within their Challenge Workshops. These workshops provided us with tools and techniques, providing new ways of approaching innovative thinking whilst competing for a place on the intensive 1:1 in-company mentoring stage. After applying these tools and techniques as guidance for our product, we were delighted to hear we were selected to take part in Intertrade Irelands IN-Company Mentoring program. This has been a key driver in our progress with our Thermal Energy Storage system.

Pictured below: Crystal Air PCM being award Certificate of Excellence in Innovation. Intertrade Irelands Aidan Monaghan pictured far left, with our Technical Services Director Mick O'Reilly, Matrix UK Consultant Helen Potter, our Business Development Manager Don Hoban and Director Domnick Ward.