Miesian Plaza

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Miesian Plaza, nestled in the central business district in Dublin on Lower Baggot Street. Highly acclaimed in its architectural quality, this redevelopment provides ultra modern buildings with Grade A office accomodation with the highest sustainability credentials. The projects design goal was to achieve a LEED Platinum Rating this in itself represents the highest-achievable classification in the world of building design. 

Crystal Air PCM were contracted to carry out works of supplying and installing a Thermal Energy Storage system for a Chilled Water Installation. As specified, we provided a 1000kW of thermal storage contained in 5No insulated vertical one-piece cylindrical tanks filled with our PCM product encapsulated in Hermetically sealed HDPE crystal spheres for the storage and transfer of the buildings thermal requirements. 

No of Spheres - 64,085

Sphere size - 80mm

Storing Temperature - 6deg

Charging Temperature - 9deg


Mechanical & Electrical Contractor: Winthrop Engineering

Consulting Engineer: Arup

Architect: Scott Tallon Walker