Crystal T- Pak Cassettes

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The Crystal Air PCM Thermal Energy Storage solutions may use either T-Paks or Spheres to accommodate the phase change material within the overall storage arrangement. The phase change material is supplied encapsulated in specially designed triple sealed HDPE containers . In the case of the T-Paks the containers are designed to allow the creation of a battery effect in water and air systems for thermal storage within the temperature range of -33 deg C to a maximum of 89 deg C.

The T-Pak , as per below, is a fully sealed HDPE cassette containing the phase change material. The containers are designed to allow stacking in battery format within the overall thermal energy storage tank up to a maximum height of 2,500mm. The cassette  design allows for a small gap between each cassette to ensure for water flow between and around the cassettes to allow for full thermal transfer in either the charging or discharging mode.






Technical Details of the Product

Dimensions :                           500mm long x 250mm wide x 45mm overall height.

Weight per cassette:               5.5 kg approx. subject to PCM specification.

Product Reference Temperature deg C Output per m3 Weight per m3
PCM T-Pak 6 6 deg C 44 kWh 1,210 kg
PCM T-Pak 8 8 deg C 44 kWh 1,210 kg
PCM T-Pak 10 10 deg C 45 kWh 1,285 kg
PCM T-Pak 12 12 deg C 45 kWh 1,285 kg
PCM T-Pak 14 14 deg C 46 kWh 1,334 kg


1)         For temperatures ranges beyond the capacities as indicated contact our sales office for selection and technical details.

2)         Due to ongoing product design and data improvement , capacities and details are subject to change. Crystal Air PCM Products Ltd reserve the right to make design and specification changes without notice.


T-Paks Thermal Energy Storage Options

The options for storage characteristics are extensive with the use of T-Pak cassettes both in terms of temperature and storage type. This is primarily due to the cassette design and the degree of its flexibility for both conditions. Thermal Energy Stores can be accommodated with the following tank arrangements options:

                        Underground concrete tanks

                        Above or below ground steel horizontal cylindrical tanks.

                        Sectional pre-insulated GRP storage tanks.

The final selection of the storage arrangement will need to take into consideration the following requirements:

The storage tank dimensions should be generally be in line with a 4 ; 1 ( length by width) and to conform to the maximum stacking height for the cassettes of 2,500mm. The overall tank storage capacity must include a 30% additional allowance to accommodate the internal chilled water flow requirements. The storage tanks can be either pressurised or atmospheric type for chilled water systems subject to the specific installation requirements.

For assistance relating to design and site specific design , don`t hesitate to contact our technical services department on 045 893228